Windows Session Credentials don't work after Upgrade to 9.0.853.0

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We upgraded from 9.0.649.0 to 9.0.853.0 and everything went just fine … except …

After upgrading we can no longer use our Windows Session Credentials to log in. We get the following error …

“Failed to connect to https://{YourServerNameHere}:52311: Windows Error 80090303: The specified target is unknown or unreachable”

If I specify my Domain credentials, I can log in just fine, but something seems to not work with Session Credentials after the Upgrade. It worked just fine before the upgrade.

Has anyone else seen this?

Any suggestions where to start looking, short of opening a PMR?

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While troubleshooting this issue with IBM, we found that Stopping and Restarting the BES Root Server Service allowed the Windows Session Credentials option to work again.