Windows patch Exit code 3010


In last month we had executed the Windows baseline and recently we have observed that some of the baselines got fixed with 3010 exit code and some are showing with Pending restart with exit code 3010.

Kindly suggest is it normal to have this exit code? What could be the reason behind this and how we can fix such issues? Secondly if this code is coming then we should consider it successful or failure?

Thanks in Advance

Yes, code 3010 is a common result code from MSI packages as well as Windows Setup packages. The code implies success, with a reboot required to activate the updated software.

Thanks if the status shows Failed with exit code 3010?

Depends on the Fixlet itself and its success criteria, that might require more investigation.

Normally with exit code 3010 I’d expect the status to reflect ‘Pending Restart’ until a reboot occurs; after reboot it should change to Fixed if successful, or Failed if it remains relevant after rebooting.

However if the actionscript did not flat ‘action requires restart’ it might incorrectly reflect Failed before a reboot, and then may switch to Fixed after it becomes non-Relevant after rebooting.

Thanks @JasonWalker

Another Code which we have found is 112, we got to know code means space issue on Windows machines but we are unable to find which path in windows should have enough space and how much space is needed to eliminate this issue, Kindly guide on this.

I’m afraid that would be specific to whatever it is you’re trying to install. Those exit codes are coming from the installer binary, not from BigFix itself.