Windows In-Place Upgrade Failure


I am busy with upgrading Win7 to Win10. I have a machine that constantly fails on the below:


I have run the upgradeCheck.bat and it returns a code of no compatibility issues found. Has anyone run in to this before or perhaps have some insight in to the reason for the failure?

Thank you!


After that you receive the error in the screenshot, which is the general status of the task? And which is the state of the target computer?
It seems that the computer arrives to restart, so all the first part of the installation in the initial operating system has been completed.
The failure on this step is possibly caused from the fact that the BigFix client is forced to be stopped while running the action to continue the installation process, but the deployment should continue. and finally the general status of the action should say if at the end the operating system on the computer is the expected one or not, because the success criteria checks the operating system level to report success or failure.

Hi Sergio,

Thank you.

After the error the task displays a “Failed” status. The target computer has not upgraded either, it still sits on Win7. The machine is also not pending a restart.

Looking at the list of the steps, it should have tried to restart to continue the installation task and the fact that the step is failed seems to say that it actually restarted, or at least that the bigfix client has been restarted.
Could it be that the computer restarted but then, for a failure in a following phase, it rolled back to Windows 7?
Could you please check if you find the file C:\in_place_upgrade\W10X64\out.log file and what it contains?
It should contain 0 that means all the installation part in the initial OS has been successfully completed.

Hi Sergio,

The out.log file is indicating a 0 vs on another system it output the hex error code which indicated that CheckPoint was causing the failure. This however is not the case and the number stays 0.

When the number is 0, and it should be the case of the screenshot attached, the computer is supposed to restart by itself and continue the installation process.
Did you see if it just stays in Windows 7 or maybe it tries to upgrade and then rolls back to Windows 7?
If it just stays, could you please try to manually restart the computer to see if the installation process continues?
By the way, probably a deeper analysis in both cases is needed by the support team.

I agree, I’ve had a look on the machine and the event viewer. There are no compat issues when running the Upgrade Check, but also there are no reboots on the machine from the time it ran the upgrade. Even after a manual reboot it stays on Win7. I think I’ll open a case regarding this.