Windows Folder Paths on Foreign language Windows OS

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I’m having a problem constructing a relevance query that will identify the common application data path on foreign language Windows OS’s. I had been using the ALLUSERSPROFILE environment variable and then appending “Application Data” onto the end of it.

value of variable “ALLUSERSPROFILE” of environment as string & “\Application Data”

That works fine for English OS’s but doesnt work for German, French, and other foreign language OS’s because the “Application Data” actually appears in the file system as “Anwendungsdaten” in German (for example). So, on a German OS file system, the path for the common application data folder is :

C:\Dokumente\Einstellugen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten

Is there a query that I can use to get the path that will work across all languages for both XP & Vista?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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We do have a little-used inspector "install folder " (, which ties into Microsoft’s DirID…

More info on available numbers here:

You might try these on the computers you are working on… On my Vista computer, I don’t get all the results that they mention in the article:

q: (it, pathnames of install folders (it)) of (1;10;11;12;17;18;20;21;23;24;25;30;50;51;52;53;54;55;16406;16407;16408;16409;16415;16419;16422;16425;16426;16427;16428;16429;16430)
A: 10, C:\Windows
A: 11, C:\Windows\System32
A: 12, C:\Windows\System32\drivers
A: 17, C:\Windows\inf
A: 18, C:\Windows\Help
A: 20, C:\Windows\Fonts
A: 30, C:
A: 50, C:\Windows\system
A: 51, C:\Windows\System32\spool
A: 52, C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers
A: 53, C:\Users\ben_kus