Windows Activation status via Client relevance

Hi All,
I am using the below mentioned client relevance to gain the output of windows activation to be activated and not activated.

if (select "LicenseStatus from SoftwareLicensingProduct WHERE (PartialProductKey is not null) and (Name like 'Windows(R)%25')" of wmi as string contains "1") then "windowsActivated" else "notActivated"

99% of the machines have shown the correct status but few of the machines show as 'Not Activated" and when i checked with engg on the machines, I found the license to be activated. Please suggest in case some alteration is required in the mentioned relevance.


This seems more like a WMI issue than a BigFix issue. Have you examined the rest of the WMI data available on a computer where you’ve found the license to be activated when the above query said it was not? It may be that there are other “LicenseStatus” values than 1 to consider.

The above link shows that there are many values for different license states (though only “1” seems to indicate “Licensed”). You’ll need to investigate what the rest of the SoftwareLicensingProduct class contains for these computers.

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