Windows 2008R2 SP1 - fixlets not relevant

When i log into my windows 2008R2 SP1 server and run windows update the following patches show as being needed:


None of these fixlets are showing up as being relevant in bigfix. Any ideas why? The server/relay all seem to be healthy and are reporting in ok. Thank you

Checking the first KB, it’s an advisory (from 2014) that has several patches associated with it, including 2871997, 2973351, 2982378, 2984972, 2984976, and 2984981. Any of these may be applicable to Win2008r2 depending upon which prior updates are installed. Are any of those KB’s rele ant to your system? They could also be superseded by a more current update.

It could be a false-negative in BigFix, or a false-positive in Windows Update. I’d make sure your systems are completely uo to date (according to BigFix) before checking for false-negatives.

no, none of these are relevant (2871997, 2973351, 2982378, 2984972, 2984976, and 2984981) on my system. There are no outstanding security related fixlets outstanding on my systems according to bigfix.

A few things to check:

  • Make sure the system is subscribed to the Patches for Windows site.
  • Check the relevance from the fixlet(s) on the system itself (using Fixlet Debugger or QnA) to confirm the relevance is indeed evaluating to False.
  • Does the system actually have the updates in question when you look in the list of “Installed Updates”?

If everything still looks ok on your end after these checks, I think opening a support case would be the best course of action.

When evaluating relevance statement #7 of fixlet “MS16-055: Security Update for Microsoft Graphics Component - Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 - KB3156016 (x64)” on my win2k8 R2 system using QnA it resolves to False. I checked to see if the patch is in fact installed and it is (checked the rest and they are all installed). So it turns out this not a bigfix issue it’s a why the heck is windows update telling me patches are not installed when in fact they are issue.

Thanks for the help

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