Windows 10 servicing /upgrading

Hi All ,

i want to upgrade some old windows 10 pro (1809) to 2004 , i can see there is a fixlet : Windows 10 Business Editions Version 2004 Available - Windows 10 (x64) (English (United States)) , how can i make use of this ? i’ve never tried this before , is it possile to cashe this ISO in the relay that serves the local endpoints instead of taking it from the root server and throttle our WAN traffic ?


You should be able to copy the file to the relay (C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Relay\wwwrootbes\bfmirror\downloads\sha1) and rename it to the sha.

You will likely need to put it on the root server as well.



Hello Hazem,

If you manually manually cache the ISO on the BESRoot Server and into the target BESRelay, the target BESClient will download the file directly from the BESRelay.

To manually cache the file you may follow below procedure:

  1. Rename the ISO file with its sha1
    1.1. In your case should be 64584EEC9515D7D769925CB096626CC6B75D3B61, please see action script
  2. Move the file under the folder \wwwrootbes\bfmirror\downloads\sha1 of BESRelay and RootServer

Try to deploy the fixlet.

From fixlet’s description, before you deploy the Fixlet:

  1. Ensure that there is sufficient hard disk space.
  2. Check the .iso file size. If it is necessary, increase the pre-caching download limit of your endpoints.
    Through the BigFix console, you can set the limit by adding the following settings:

After applying the Fixlet, it might take some time for the restart and upgrade process to complete, depending on connection and machine capabilities.


thank you for this information , does it also need to be cashed in the root server ? unfortunately I’m in an environment where I don’t have access to the root server