Windows 10 endpoints, - always 'Pending Restart'

Windows 10 endpoints, - always ‘Pending Restart’.

We have a mixed OS environment of different Operating Systems, and only the Windows 10 machines hang in this status. Every baseline we send to them ends up in this ‘Pending Restart’ status.

We have tried:
Restarting - does not work
Creating different baselines - does not work

Re-imaging or re-installing the BESAgent works only until you send a baseline to it, then you are back to Pending Restart status yet again.

Strangely, this occurs on every Windows 10 endpoint we have tried.

sometimes computers require multiple restarts to clear out all of the areas that would mark a computer as ‘pending restart’. sometimes there are things that are stuck that keep the computer in that state consistently. see if you have a pending.xml file in c:\windows\winsxs - if that file is consistently there and stuck even after several restarts… on one machine, I had to take ownership of the file and rename it in order to clear the pending restart status. you could also try scanning the registry for “RestartRequired” to find other flags that are currently marking the machine as pending restart.

try this tool against one of the targets - it might help you discover why the computer is stuck in a pending restart state, and give you ideas about how to address it. I am not thinking it’s a windows 10 problem, but maybe something in your image if every windows 10 computer is getting stuck in that state.

good luck, let us know what you find.

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Awesome, thanks Entaille. I will try that and report back.

I have an analysis here that breaks out the various parts of the, “Pending Restart” message.

This may help you determine what is the cause of the continual pending restarts on these machines. If you report back what you are seeing with this analysis we may be able to recommend something!



I believe the issue being encountered is an issue due to a change Microsoft made to the way these things are handled flagging restarts.

See APAR IV90936