Win2008 to Win2012 Upgrade Assistance and Driver Issues

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My windows admins are looking to leverage BigFix to automate the upgrade of Windows 2008 servers in our environment to Win2012…we have a pretty large Win2008 footprint, so they’re adamant on using BF to get this done. They have done some testing manually and have run into a driver issue with these 2008 systems, where the “VM LSI Parallel Disk Controller driver” is incompatible with the Win2012 install pre-check. The driver has to be loaded during the install process.


What we’re looking to do…is deploy the Win2012 ISO image, mount it…run the upgrade commands and then clean up upon completion. This seems simple enough…but based on some example Fixlets I have for upgrading OS’s, I am thinking I have gotten myself in over my head. LOL (Now with this driver thing, it threw a monkey wrench into that plan.)

Wondering if anyone has run into this issue or something similar? Or possible suggestions (loading this driver into the ISO perhaps??) ??

If you manually load the driver before attempting the Win2012 upgrade, does the upgrade then work without a problem?

If it helps I can suggest some commands to get the updated driver installed, which I would suggest as a separate fixlet to run first, rather than editing the out-of-box upgrade fixlets.

Hi Jason,

My Windows admins stated “testing indicates that attempting to update the driver before running the OS upgrade offers no relief from the pre-check error showing the driver is till needed.”

The only way to move past the pre-check is to load the driver at that point (when the pre-check kicks the error out).



Giving this a little bump in hopes that someone has some input/advice?? :grimacing:

I’m pretty sure there should be a command-line way to fix that, probably involving the use of pnputil on Windows to preload the drivers. Your Windows admins need to find the method. Once the method is known, we can help you automate it with BigFix.

Thanks Jason,

Will discuss this with them further and see what they come up with.