Win10 Clients are not Reporting

Having some issues getting the BigFix agent to talk on Win10. Looking back in my console I have a couple old entries for Win10 when we were experimenting with LTSB but now that we are working with CBB I never get an entry in the console. The agent does seem to select my primary server as a relay and begin syncing sites. I have made sure port communication to 52311 is open and allowed and the PC can ping all nearby relays. I do have an open PMR on this but didn’t know if anyone else had experienced anything like this.

Thank you!

What is the version of the Client? Do the Client logs show that they are posting reports?

The following technote may help provide some guidance as well:


Thank you very much Aram! This article led me in the right direction. I now have these PC’s starting to trickle into the console.

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