WIM Image upload error

Dear Team,

While uploading a captured image into our image library the following error showed ERROR: There was a problem with inspecting the WIM drivers. , for your reference below i attached the screenshot also.

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Either redo the image or open a PMR. Can’t really recommend anything other than that.

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okay @jmaple , we try to get capture another image and let you know.

Please do not put @username in your initial forum posts. You shouldn’t be alerting specific users of your general posts, especially not right away. If your post goes a week without a response, then that might be okay, but otherwise don’t do this. If you need immediate help, then open a PMR with IBM or pay for professional services / consulting.

The majority of those responding in the forum do not work for IBM and those that do work for IBM are not responding in the forums as a part of their regular job responsibilities.

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Okay apologies , In future i follow your words

We are facing similar issue.

Have you resolved the issue?

In my deployment I found that a Symantec Endpoint Protection driver (symefasi.inf) was causing an issue.

We were able to reproduce the issue in that there was either a leading space or a blank line (don’t recall which) on the first line of the INF file.

The WIM import wizard should be keeping a log, but I don’t recall where. The log should point to the INF file that is giving a problem (if you’re facing the same issue).

In my case I had to mount the WIM and manually remove the offending .INF file. You shouldn’t modify the .INF to fix the formatting issue, because most of the drivers and signed and modifying the .INF will invalidate the signature.

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Yes, through sys prep commands manully added the diver-info file into WIM image and solve it

Thank you for your response.
We were able to rectify the issue after we reinstalled WADK on the console server.

Thank you for your response