Will Server Delete Read-Only files from its SHA1 cache

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Hi All,

I hope this turns out to be as simple a question as I think it is. With Win XP retirement approaching, some of my customers are afraid that Microsoft will eventually remove their patches from Public view. So, I have created a fixlet to pre-fetch all the XP patches.

Because I am now trying to devise a policy for storing these patches I want to know will the BigFix server delete files from the Sha1 cache if they are marked as Read-Only…?

The files are going to be stored in a secure location, but if they are located on the server they will eventually be removed as the server cache directory runs out of space. Can I mark them as read only to prevent this from happening?



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I don’t know the answer to this question, but I would definitely recommend making a copy to another server for backup for all of the XP patches. That way if anything happens to them, you could restore them. You could then have a scheduled xcopy command to restore only the missing patches back to the root server.

I would also recommend backing up the XP patch fixlets from the “Patches for Windows” site in case IBM deletes them from there.

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Hi JFannon,

I assume the BigFix Server doesn’t take care of the file control settings and just does remove the least recently used file in the cache folder.

The fundamental policies to manage files are introduced in the link.

How does the TEM Server and TEM Relay cache work?