Why do reports that contain a BES Fixlet Results object take so much longer to load than others?

I have several compliance based reports that track either the number of patches installed on a computer or the number of computers that a patch is installed on and display this number as a percentage (compared to the number of patches/computers available).

All of these reports are taking too long to run, and the one thing all these reports have in common is that they all use the BES Fixlet Results object to bridge the connection between Patches and Computers.

So why does using BES Fixlet Results object in queries slow them down so much?

‘bes fixlet results’ are not inherently slower than other inspectors in my experience.
Depending on how you are crafting the query, you could be retrieving very large result sets and could be iterating the results inefficiently. Case in point the discussion earlier at Need Help to make my Relevance Query Faster

You are scanning across an order of magnitude more data with ‘bes fixlet results’ vs just ‘bes fixlets’ or ‘bes computers’. Fixlet Results are essentially Fixlets x Computers, so there is a lot more data to parse through requiring more care to filter down the object sets and limit the numbers you’re multiplying.