Why are old (incorrect) resources still around?

Looking around for a way to get around “The process cannot access the file because it is being used…”, I eventually came across a post here that pointed out the “locked lines” property of the “file” object, documented here:

One problem that hampered my search for truth is that the “file” inspectors are also still documented here:
which makes no mention of “locked lines” (but does include a swell link to the long-decommissioned IBM developerWorks Endpoint Manager wiki). :disappointed:

Since there are newer, maintained resources like developer.bigfix.com, why has any link to support.bigfix.com/inspectors not been turned into a redirect? Or even just a 404 page?

Not trying to be critical… just wondering…


It’s a good question!

BigFix has had a lot of different resources available over the years (we’ve always tried to enable BigFix users), and it looks like we lost track of this one…

Thank you for pointing it out! We’ll be working to address it with redirects or other similar approaches, and will update references to it where we can as well.


Thank you! I’ve always loved the amount of information that “Emeryville”/IBM/HCL has always made easily available via general Internet search. I just hate to see good search results lost in old/stale/“bad” results.