Where is the Microsoft Rollback Wizard

There used to be a wizrd to rollback patches that you want uninstalled but I do not see that feature any more.We are primarly a Microsoft shop but we only have the wizard for Solaris. Any ideas?

The “Microsoft Patch Rollback Task Wizard” is available within the Patching Support Site.

Assuming you are subscribed to the Patching Support site, you should be able to go to the “Patch Management” domain, then expand ‘All Patch Management’ -> Wizards, to see the Rollback Task Wizard.

I see the one for Solaris but not for Windows. Is Patching Support Site separate from Patches for Windows (English)?

That is correct, the Patching Support site is distinct from Patches for Windows (English), and contains some very useful content around patching in general (not just for Windows). If you haven’t yet enabled this site, you should be able to do so via the License Overview dashboard. Here’s a link to an announcement that was made about this site for additional context: http://bigmail.bigfix.com/pipermail/besadmin-announcements/2011-April/000986.html

Thanks, this is just what I needed.