When a Solaris fixlet goes superseded (Patch)

When a Solaris patch gets superseded, the name of the fixlet gets (superseded) appended to it’s name and a Note is added that says the patch has been obsoleted by .

Are these changes done locally in the database when the newer fixlet (patch) is delivered, or is the fixlet actually modified by IBM to add to the fixlet name and add the NOTE to the description? If it is the later, why aren’t the details (namely the SHA1, SHA256 and size) modified at the same time?


It is the latter situation (IBM modifies the Fixlet when superseded once a newer Fixlet is made available that replaces it). I’m not sure I understand the question/point about the other details not being modified? The original/superseded Fixlet remains, but a newer Fixlet is made available to identify the need for and deploy the newer patch.


What appears to be happening is, the README file associated with the path is updated to show that the patch has been Obsoleted (or Superseded). This modification to the README file changes the size of the patch, and also affects the SHA1 and SHA256 values, but it looks like the fixlet is not having the size, SHA1 and SHA256 values. So… When the fixlet is applied to a machine, if fails because the SHA1, SHA256 and size values do not match what is on the Oracle site where the patches are downloaded from.

Thanks @Bob_K, I now see what you mean. I will look into this, and follow up shortly.