What is the maximum size to we can tune the cache size?

The customer would like to tune the cache size for the IEM server.

What is the maximum size they can change it to?

Which cache? web cache or manual cache?


Should be this:


Default Value: 1024
Setting Type: Numeric (MB)
Value Range: 1-4,294,967,296
Task Available: Yes

seems like the max is 4 petabytes

Thanks. If I type a number which is higher than 4,294,967,296, what will happen?

I don’t actually know for sure, but my guess would be that it would fall back to the default. (1024)

I wouldn’t test it with the root server unless you have one for testing, but you could easily test this on a client by entering an improper value for a client setting on test VM.

Perhaps someone from IBM can chime in with what happens when client settings are set incorrectly.

Typically, the maximum value will be leveraged if the configuration contains a number higher than the value range, or it will revert to default. That said, it may also lead to issues, so, it is generally recommended NOT to configure values beyond their documented ranges.

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I agree. I see no reason to intentionally set the client settings incorrectly, and it seems like something that should be corrected if discovered.

I know that settings for the client have a known max/min and if you exceed them you will not be able to actually make that setting. As this is a server setting it would have to be “validated”

That being said the 4,294,967,296 number is 1 greater than the maximum 32 bit number so if you entered that number the number would actually be 0