What is the folder of web reports in the Bigfix server?

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Dear all,

I’m trying to write and debug my web reports. I would like to know if I can locally replace some file in my Bigfix server without site propagation? For example, in one of my web report page, it will reference to a file “http:///file.swf”, which is from a site I’ve subscribed. Can I manual replace the file.swf with the new one for local testing? And what’s the folder which is used to put the needed files for web report in the Bigfix server?

Sorry that it’s a little bit difficult to explain the scenario, but please help, thanks! If you have any question about my scenario please let me know.



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I’ve got the answer, the files are in the folder

Program files

\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\BESReportsServer\wwwroot\SiteData\bes_EnterpriseServer\Sites[Site name]\