What is IBM BigFix A2A?

Anybody know what IBM BigFix A2A is?

Action 2728, Install IBM BigFix A2A (Version 9.5.5) in the BES Support site has a broken weblink for more information, and I can’t find anything else online.

Anybody using an Agent 2 Agent part of BigFix that we aren’t aware of?

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This is part of the Detect product for two Agents to link together.

I’ll work on getting the weblink fixed.

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could you give some more clarification ?

Unless you have the Detect product (see here https://www.ibm.com/us-en/marketplace/bigfix-detect ) you do not need this component.

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Maybe it would be cool, if it only becomes relevant, if it is enabled on the server.
It is quite confusing for plain LMT customers (which use the BigFix stack as middleware), if it pops up to be an available install.

Please, tasdevil13, open a PMR, so that BigFix support can review the relevance conditions for the A2A component.

Emiliano, this is a huge annoyance to end users. If someone at IBM sees the same issue that tasdevil13 brought up, then why can’t IBM do internal process improvement and submit that bug themselves? Why does IBM need to take cycles away from end users to submit bug reports, when IBMers can see the exact same issue and file the bug themselves?

ctan, tracking possible issues with customer PMRs is the best way to keep history and reference for the future.
Internal bugs wouldn’t have the same visibility for customers.

Hi Alam,
I can see “BIGFIX Detect” domain in my console, but Fixlet and others not displayed under that domain,

Correct, it means you don’t have the license for it yet so we are telling you its available.

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