WebUI related Survey : your ideas count!

The BigFix Design team invites you to take part to a quick survey aimed to capture user experience feedback on the current version of BigFix WebUI whether you are using it or not yet. We actively use feedback to constantly improve our deliverables and provide you with the best possible solution.

The survey is anonymous, and in case you do not feel the questions capture what you want to share with us, we are more than willing to have a follow up 1-1 conversation with you on these topics; in fact, it would help to better frame your comments. You can redistribute this link internally in your company to more people who can express a feedback on the subject.

There are two different surveys, in case you are already using WebUI in prod or test and in case you are not yet. As you can understand, the questions will be different and aimed at different goals for our research. Either way, we appreciate your time in filling in this form, it should not require more than
15/20 minutes for the longest survey.

If you are using or have used WebUI, please use this link. Your feedback and comments would be very precious for us to capture
positive aspects as well as areas for improvement.

If you are not using WebUI yet, please use this other link. We want to learn more about your choice, whether it is your company decision based on current capabilities or any other reason we would like to learn. In fact, we want to remove as much as possible any barrier to adoption of such an interface, that is aimed to simplify both the usage of the product and the underlying BigFix infrastructure

We are committed to make you successful in your business with BigFix and we appreciate the time you will dedicate to this activity!
Should you have questions or issues, do not hesitate to send me an email.

Thank you !
BigFix Design team

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