WebUI October 2020 update available!

A new update has been released for multiple applications in the WebUI.
The update involves changes to the Insights application on the WebUI and also addresses security vulnerabilities that affect all WebUI applications.

Insights application enhancements

  • Insights is no longer managed by the auto-update setting in WebUI
    Due to the potentially high impact of an update, Insights can be updated manually only. Go to the Application Updates page on WebUI to initiate the update.

  • Queue an ETL to run immediately
    You can now queue an ETL job in Insights to run immediately. Any new ETL job runs only after an existing ETL job, if any, is completed.

Security vulnerabilities addressed

• WS-2020-0070
• CVE-2020-8203
• CVE-2020-7720
• CVE-2020-8158

How to update

By default, WebUI is automatically updated unless configured otherwise.

Published Versions
WebUI Site Versions:

Profile Management - 12
WebUI API - 6
Application Administration - 17
Patch Policies - 17
Common - 59
WebUI Content App - 7
Custom - 28
WebUI Data Sync - 11
WebUI Framework - 13
WebUI Insights - 4
WebUI MDM - 3
Patch - 28
WebUI Permissions and Preferences - 7
Query - 19
WebUI Reports - 2
Software Distribution - 31
WebUI Take Action - 12

WebUI Documentation link

The BigFix WebUI team


Below the link to the security bulletins associated to the addressed vulnerabilities:

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