WebUI new release available (July 2023)

The HCL BigFix team is proud to announce the release of BigFix Mobile 3.1.

This new release builds upon Mobile 3.0 with a brand-New App Catalog, providing IT Teams with a much easier way to manage, and deploy both public & private corporate apps on mobile devices.

It will help customers:
ā€¢ Accelerate setup, deployment, and management of mobile Apps from one simple interface (no more manual lookups).

  • Leverages the native catalogs for both iOS & Android
  • Includes enhancements for Apple Volume Purchase Plan for license tracking

ā€¢ More easily manage purpose-configured devices from one GUI through our new support for single app & multi-app Kiosk modes for iOS & Android devices.
e.g. A Sales App on corporate owned iPad/Android tablet, nursing station app, forklift operator app, and digital signage.

This also comes with an update to all WebUI applications, to deliver defect article fixes and to address security vulnerabilities.

The WebUI release addresses the following Security Vulnerabilities:
CVE-2023-28019, CVE-2023-28020, CVE-2023-28021, CVE-2023-28023 ā€“ BigFix WebUI
CVE-2021-43138 - asynch
CVE-2023-30533 - xlsx
CVE-2023-28155 - request
CVE-2023-31125 - engine.io
CVE-2023-32695 - socket.io

This release addresses the following Defect Articles:
KB0100380 ā€“ WebUI does not remove AWS role
KB0102877 ā€“ Predefined stagger time for actions not shown correctly.

How to update
WebUI will update automatically by default, unless configured otherwise.
Please note that updates for BigFix Insights must be done manually via the Application Updates page on WebUI. For more information, please see https://help.hcltechsw.com/bigfix/10.0/webui/WebUI/Admin_Guide/c_manage_application_updates.html.

Published WebUI Site Versions
WebUI Site Name Version
Application Administration 31
Common 79
Custom 42
Patch 40
Patch Policies 36
Profile Management 24
Query 34
Software Distribution 46
WebUI API 17
WebUI Content App 20
WebUI Data Sync 24
WebUI Extensions 5
WebUI Insights 19
WebUI Framework 26
WebUI MDM 18
WebUI Permissions and Preferences 19
WebUI Reports 15
WebUI Take Action 27
WebUI Extensions 5

Build number:, WebUI MCM version 18
BESUEM Content site - 42
BESUEMMobile Content site - 16

BigFix Mobile Documentation link:

WebUI Documentation link:

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