Webui in 9.5.3 - Remote Server Config and Ports

Hi Everybody,

I am looking at enabling WebUI in our environment but cannot find any documentation that lists the ports required to be opened aside from the WebUI portal of TCP 80/443 (or whichever ports you designate in the config).

How does the WebUI if installed on a remote server access the database or pull info that is needed or push commands? Does the WebUI service require access to BFEnterprise or BES Root Service?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m not certain, but I believe the WebUI communicates with the BES Root Service over 52311 in a similar way that the console does, but I believe the WebUI uses certificates for some of what it does, like the ETL process, while actions make use of the logged in user credential.

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WebUI basically just needs clear line of sight to root server to handle at least the ETL API bits on 52311. There are also small parts of the WebUI that need to run session relevance checks (we’re moving away from that), but for those bits, we’ll need line of sight to wherever web reports is running (so whatever port Web Reports is running on as well).

Hopefully that answers your question a little bit?

Yup - that’s the info that I needed for confirmation!

52311 and 80/443 are our standard, default ports configured in our environments - nothing fancy smancy here. :slight_smile:

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This part confuses me. Does WebUI just use the REST API to do session relevance, which then talks to WebReports?

If not, then how does it talk to WebReports directly? Does it use a credential stored in WebUI, or the user credential?

Any WebReports credential stored on the root server wouldn’t be available to the WebUI directly, except maybe through REST API that would also go over 52311.