WebUI Broken - DB credentials

My webui that’s currently using ETL on root server is broken and I’m looking to remove it then install is on one of my relay servers using MS SQL. The thing I’m confused about is where the install fixlet asks for DB credentials. Is this a new DB that gets created for the Webui or is it talking about needing credentials for webui to access the BF Enterprise DB? If it’s the latter does anyone know the exact permissions needed or have a script to set permissions? I feel that BigFix documentation is really lacking on this subject. And support has told me that a new webui SQL db actually gets created but I’m not seeing that documented anywhere…

Assuming you are installing the v9.5.6+ version of the WebUI, there is a link in the Description that talks about Deployment Requirements. The link it takes you to is …


Specifically, to answer your question …

  • Make sure that your DBA grants the database user to be used for the WebUI installation:
    • Read access to all of the DBO tables in BFENT (DB2), BFEnterprise (MS SQL Server).
    • The ability to create stored procedures.
    • The ability to create new indexes in the WebUI namespace.
    • The ability to create new tables in the WebUI namespace.
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Can anyone provide the sql statements they used to create necessary permissions for webui service account on the BFEnterprise MSSQL database?

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This is for the webui to have read/write access to the BF Enterprise DB

Seems like you are asking for the “least privileges” for the webui credentials to work properly. I’m not sure what they are exactly.

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