WebUI baseline components out of order

One of my guys just pointed out some baseline issues when running baselines in WebUI. In the console, we have baselines in a particular order. Run the baseline, it all works as expected. However, when you view and act baselines in WebUI, they seem to be in some reverse alphabetical order.

Here’s the Console view and the way it runs from the console:

Here’s the WebUI view of that baseline:

…and if you run the baseline from WebUI, it goes in that wrong order. Bug?

I know it was fine in 9.5.5, it was upgraded to 9.5.6, but I didn’t check this then. Now it’s running 9.5.7 and we got this error reported.

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From IBM support:
6 Nov 2017 06:51 AM CST
Hello Jon, We have verified that this bug exists on BigFix servers running on Linux. Windows BigFix servers are not affected by this re-order issue. I am still currently waiting on the update of when the fix will be provided for this problem. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you!

@masonje, did IBM support provide any indication on how this bug made it past QA?

Also is this an actual out of order execution of the baseline? Or is the WebUI merely displaying the incorrect order? (still bad but functionally the same execution)

The execution via WebUI is the same as what you see displayed in the web console. I didn’t even catch it till we had one of our internal customers report there stuff was failing.

Hey just as a follow up here, we found a bug in the way that we executed our data queries on both the MSSQL and DB2 versions of the WebUI in the latest release code that we have.

We’ll try to squeeze this in the soonest upcoming WebUI Release as possible and we’ll update everyone when this makes it into our production code.

Thanks for the report!

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Hello friends. I’ve been getting some traffic about the possibility of a hotfix before this officially lands in releases. We have a procedure that fixes the out of order baseline bug. If people are interested in this before the release drops, send me a message and I’ll work through the details with y’all.

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Hello again friends-

I didn’t get a chance to post this along with the release announcement that we did on Tuesday, but this bug is officially fixed in production now:

Thanks for the report guys!

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