WebUI and content to a limited user

What is the criteria that content is presented to a non-Master Operator in WebUI? I need to present a limited number of devices to a user to basically only run one of 5 jobs. I’m getting the proper devices through the role via a group. But I’m getting a bunch of jobs I don’t want the user to have access to, and I’m not seeing the jobs I want.


So what exactly are you trying to do? By jobs, do you mean actions that other people have deployed that you don’t want the user to have access to?

Users in the WebUI function pretty much the same way that they do in the thick console that you know and love. You limit visibility to content and devices in the same way: A non-master operator that only has limited access to a certain set of devices that are subscribed to only a few external or custom sites will have the same visibility of content in the WebUI.

There’s only a few minor differences in permissions that exist in the WebUI layer that don’t exist in the traditional thick console. There’s a permission that will restrict whether a user can see the WebUI at all. There’s another set of permissions related to visibility of WebUI apps (you can make is so that non master operators only see the WebUI patch app, but not the Custom Content or SWD apps)…

Does that help?

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Sorry, Christmas brake. :wink:

Yes, substitute “jobs” with “tasks” or “fixlets”. I’m guessing the answer here is I will need to create a custom site and limit access to just that site to accomplish this?

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@masonje: Yup that should work. As a general rule if limited access looks correct in the old thick console, it should translate over to the WebUI as well.

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