WebReports question

Web Reports for our production environment has been running on our BigFix server. I recently stood up a new server to act as the Web Reports interface that points back to the SQL database on the Production BigFix server. We are still stuck on v9.0 and RAM was an issue. Once we upgrade to 9.2, I was planning to move the Web Reports to another system anyway.

My question is this … Can I now shutdown the Web Reports Service on the BigFix server?

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Yes, you can. You should probably also remove the entry for it in the AGGREGATEDBY table, unless you want to keep it as a backup.

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I have Web Report Server running on Windows / SQL base running on separate node. However I want to add an other Web Report Server running on RHEL. How can I make sure that my 2nd Web Report Server is used only for REST API’s.

A Web Reports Server is only going to be used through the web interface if users know the URL and have access to it. It should be possible to set up a Web Reports Server and have the root be able to access it for the REST API but not actually have the web interface available elsewhere. This would ensure it is only used for the REST API.

Depending on the situation it might make more sense for the Web Reports server used for the REST API to be hosted on the root server itself, while the one that users access through the web should not be on the root server itself. It is possible to have neither on the root server, but I would imagine there are some benefits to having the Web Reports server that handles REST API queries on the root server.

The reason for introducing 2nd Web Report server is as our current root server and web report server is running on Windows Operating System. However the new Web Report Server is on Linux which provides better performance. In this case how can we make sure that REST API’s are executed on Linux Web Report Server.

Which Web Reports server is used for REST queries I believe is controlled by a client setting on the Root Server.

In general, I think it makes the most sense to either have no Web Reports servers on the root server at all, or to use the one on the root server only for REST. I don’t like the idea of operators logging into a web page run by the root server itself, both for security and scaling reasons, though if your environment is small enough, this may be a non-issue.

REST API calls go through the root server first, then it passes the query to Web Reports. If the Web Reports server that is used for REST is not on the root, then that adds some dependencies, latency, and some potential complexity.

the /api/query of REST API goes to WebReports the other parts of the API do not go to WebReports.