WebReports not duplicating property values

I have a v9.5.4 WebReports instance with 4 data sources. For an Analysis that exists in all 4 attached BigFix Enviroments, I see 4 property results with the same name when I look at Computer Columns. Normally, the client’s property value is automatically put into all 4 Data source columns by default.

Today I see that for some analysis in only 1 of the 4 BigFix Environments, this is not not happening, causing impact to reporting (see attachment). I confirmed the Analysis and property has the same name in all BigFix environments and is globally activated in all. I bounced WebReports and still no go.

showing duplicates not working:

showing duplicates working:

Any have any idea why WebReports is not duplicating the values across all 4 columns for only some Analysis?

Here’s another example. Endpoints from other BigFix Environments 1 and 2 are working for all analysis properties, but an endpoint from BigFix Environment 3 is not showing data.