Webreports - How to get a list with computers less than x GB free on system drive


what I want is a report of all my computers having less than 40 GB free on system drive.

This can not be done native with web reports because with computer -> free space on system drive you cannot say “more” or “less” but “contains”, “is” etc., which does not make any sense.

So I made a task with the relevance “free space of drive of system folder / 1024 / 1024 / 1024 < 40” and use that for my report.

This works fine but what I want now is a row in the list, that shows me the exact free space for every computer.

Any Idea how I can get this?


The predefined property returns a string value, so greater than or less than comparisons wouldn’t work.
There is nothing to stop you defining your own property that returns an integer so that Web Reports will let you use the comparison operators you want.

I assume that will not solve my problem not having the current free space of all computers in the web report output. The list of computers I get is correct but with to less information.

Create an Analysis that reports the free space as a property, and assign Relevance to the analysis matching your " < 40 gb free" relevance so only the space-limited machines are applicable.

A Task can only show relevant/not relevant, an Analysis can give you the current value.

You can also make a custom report.

Funnily enough I made one this morning for this exact thing:

In Web Reports > Custom:

<?relevance (names of computer of it, value of it | "N\A") of it whose ( (it as integer < 500) of preceding text of first " " of value of it) of results from (bes properties "Free Space on System Drive") of bes computers  ?>

The unit is in Megabytes and that is set for 500MB so you’d just alter it from there.

Perfect, that’s what I needed!

How do I limit the computers to the ones with BES Relay Service Installed? I’m not very familar with the relevance language. Sorry.

Hi Daniel,

Your logic was correct but there might have some syntactic error, I tried this and got the result. Try this out.

Q: if ((free space of drive of system folder) / ((102410241024)) > 40) then hostname else "N/A"
A: ManojT-PC
T: 0.542 ms

You can use below relevance to limit your result for systems which have relay services installed on it.
This relevance returns false(N/A) on my system because it is not a relay. :slight_smile:

q: if (exists relay service) whose ((free space of drive of system folder) / ((102410241024)) > 40) then hostname else (“N/A”)
A: N/A
T: 1.176 ms

You can use the fields at the top of the custom report to filter to relays

This will limit the results of the custom query to just relays.

@Daniel sorry to budge in on your conversation and for being late…

The Excel Connector has always decoded the “Free Space on System Drive” and “Total Size of System Drive” properties to proper integers for numerical sorting.
So if you are able to use it, that is an option.


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