WebReports Explore Computer Data of relevant fixlets

In WebReports, I want to run a simple report of Computer Data with my own properties but only show computers that are relevant for a fixlet.

It has to be on the Explore Data > Computers because I want Computer columns. But there is no filter that I can find that can restrict based on relevant fixlets. Trying from Explore Data > Content allows me to filter down to the fixlet I want and I can add the applicable computers but then I can’t add computer property columns.

I don’t want to use the console because some staff don’t have permissions and a custom session relevance query seems like an over complicated solution. This seems like it should be simple. What am I missing?

You should be able to achieve this through Explore Data -> Computers (as you kind of indicate above). In ‘Edit Columns’, add the property(ies) of interest, then be sure to also select ‘Relevant Fixlets’ in the ‘Expand’ section. Then, you can apply a filter based on ‘Content’.

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Yes, that works. Forgot about that. thanks