Web Reports Out of Sync with Console

I have 26 systems in Web Reports that are not in the Bigfix console. Since these systems are not online, I cannot add them to the console. Most of these systems have not reported for 5 months. There is one that reported last on May 7, 2019.

Are you checking the console as a Master Operator? Is it possible they were in the console but not subscribed to your operator account?


Good call Jason! You are correct. I can see the systems in question when I logon with master operator. Since these systems are not reporting, I assume there is no way to fix them. The best I am going to be able to do is remove them from the Bigfix console which is ok since they are not reporting anyway.

Yes, and when you remove them from the console they should be removed from Web Reports as well.

When a system first connects to the console, the master action site contains actions that the client has to execute and report on to “subscribe” to the operators who are allowed to manage it. If the client is only connected briefly, and does not submit reports for its subscriptions before going offline again, then normal operator accounts won’t see the machine. This sometimes occurs with very short-lived cloud or vm instances, or a client that gets installed and then immediately stopped or uninstalled.

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