Web reports filter issue/question

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I was looking through Web Reports and noticed that when I go to the Filter and select Computer > Computer Groups > is >

drop down list

that the drop down list is not in alphabetical order but instead the order of when I created the computer groups. Is this by design or is there a way that I can get this list sorted in alphabetical order?

I have over 200 computer groups in multiple sites with many of them prefaced with a number for easy sorting. Since I did not enter them in order they are difficult to sort through when creating various reports specific to each computer group.

Any ideas on how i can make this list easier to use?

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Unfortunately, there is no real workaround for this. I’ve updated the bug we have to track the issue. Anyone else having it? How often is your reporting based around computer groups?

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we use the computer groups a bit for the filtering. We have about 100 groups that are specific to machines being at a certain location (operators get console access to manage machines that are part of that group), the other groups are just common attributes. So when we want to compare location A B C for any of the reports we can use the filter to build out what we want to see and then you can easily replace one of the filter values to switch from the locations.

Glad to hear this is a known bug and hopefully something that can be resolved at some point. We will continue to scan through this list to find what groups we are looking for.

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Thanks for the followup. I’m sure you already know this, but for now when the drop-down is active you can type the name of the computer group to jump to that entry. Of course, that’s not a very satisfying solution, and I’ve seen a lot of computer groups that don’t have the easiest to remember names (often for the organizational reasons you mention above)…