Web Reports Export to HTML send an html attachment


When you schedule a report to send the output as a csv, Web Reports sends an email with a csv file attachment. When you schedule a report to send the output as html, the html is in the body of the email. (At least when I view it from Outlook). Is there a way to have Web Reports send the output as as html attachment to the email instead?

I have a several custom reports that output the results nicely with HTML, and I’d rather open an html file with Excel, than try to convert those reports to output csv. The report looks nicer when viewed in Web Reports, and Excel seems to know what data goes in what cell nicely when I open the html file with excel.

The reason why I’d prefer the file to be considered an attachment is, that I’m trying to get Web Reports to email the reports to a Share Point site, and have the attachment get picked up. This works for the csv files, for my non-custom reports, since the output is an attached csv file, but when sending html output, the results do not show up in Share Point.