Web Reports crashing on session relevance

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Is there a reason why this would be crashing web reports? This was working prior to an upgrade to the latest version.

exists bes actions whose (name of site of source fixlet of it = “Patrol POC”)

Background: I’m trying to use the API to find actions that were generated from the custom site called “Patrol POC”.

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I believe this is bug# 47309.

It seems to have been introduced in version 8.2.

Engineering is hoping to fix this in the next patch release of the platform.

Lee Wei

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Oh, that stinks. Any workarounds that you can think of?

I’m using a webpage to show if anything in scheduled from that site.

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I have a report that is non-functional as well, and I have not worked around it.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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Hi Bill,

I’m an engineering manager on the platform team. I was able to reproduce your bug with Lee Wei’s help. We will release a fix for this in 8.2 patch 3, eta late February / early March. I’m sorry you ran into this.


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For everyone’s reference, according to Mike, version 8.2.1133 and above will have this fix.

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Where is this version? I really need to use webreports :slight_smile:

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The latest version of TEM is scheduled for release next week (week of March 26th 2012).

It is known as 8.2 Patch #3.

  • You can sign up with the TEM Admin announcement mailing list.


  • Check the download page


  • Or we will post on this Forum as well.

Lee Wei