Web Reports Background Error: Different Console Icons

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We’re running 8.2, the server was recently replaced with a brand new rack server, the database was moved, etc. And now Web Reports is displaying the following error message.

Background error: 2013-05-06 15:48:12: bes_EnterpriseServer - Content error:
in site Windows 7 Migration
in domain specification Windows7Migration.BESDomain
in merging domain LABS

different console icons

Can you help provide any insight to the error message?

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Howdy there. I am running 9.0 and I’m having the same problem. Did you have a solution to this problem?


(imported comment written by IBMMark)

We are also seeing this. Is anyone around that can comment on a potential fix for this?


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This issue is related to the site. I too am facing the same issue and also raised a PMR with IBM, but couldn’t get it sorted out yet. I assumed that there is a bug with this site and as nobody was using this site I revoke the subscription and the issue stopped showing up.

However recently I started facing issue with my “Bigfix Lab” site and the error message is exactly same as mentioned in the first comment. The only difference is that “Windows7Migration” error shows up on TEM 9.0.586 and 'Bigfix Labs" error shows on 8.2.1312.

I would request IBM to look into this issue ASAP as it might grow up to others sites as well.


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Also have the same issues running the latest 8.2 version. Get the error in Web Reports and the Console.

We found it related to both the Windows 7 Migration Assessment and the Client Manager Builder.

Console Error:

At 15/05/2013 3:30:10 PM

in site BigFix Labs

in domain specification BigFixLabs.BESDomain

in merging domain LABS

different console icons