Web Reports and custom filters - problem

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We are currently experiencing a frustrating problem with the web reports and custom filters I have created.

I have set up 50 filters that group by OU, but after a while the filter loses all information!

For example:

Site - London

Active Filter Include Computer Group:

Obviously the filter should not say undefined but should say London, which is the Computer Group. Does anyone know why this would happen?

It’s very frustrating having to key 50 sites again once per week.

Note that this uses a schedule to update once per day. We then copy the reports it creates onto our intranet, so now there is no information showing.

Many thanks

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Hi Craig,

This problem is new to us. Are you saying that you create 50 filters that are based on computer groups and then the filter because undefined for no apparent reason?

Are these automatic groups or are they manual groups? How long does it take to lose the definitions of the filters?


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Hi Ben,

That is exactly the problem yes. I haven’t found a pattern to when this happens, but the filters seem to lose thier affinity to the Automatic Groups set up in the console.

The groups are ok still in BigFix.

Many thanks