Web report server not displaying Windows Fixlet info


Running BigFix version 10.0.8 with SQL installed locally. When I go into web report and under explore data I select content. I set my filters to be content is visible And content site is Patches for Windows. I get no records found. Same is I try other patching sites. If I select Windows 2018 CIS I get results. It is almost like the webreport server doesn’t store any patching site data.

If I try content is visible And content type is fixlet And Site is Bes Support I also get no records. Not clear why I cannot get fixlet results out of web reports.

Probably silly of me to ask, but I’ll do it anyway :slight_smile: (since it’s possible to hide content by default): If you remove the ‘Is Visible’ filter (with the same site filters…either Content -> Site is, or just Site is), do you see any rows?

Also, are you logged in as an ‘admin’ in Web Reports, or a user with some other role/permissions?