Web Report - search on Source ID

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I am looking to have a web report where I can input or filter a source ID - eg, IY89168 and get a report on which systems are effected.

I have looked around the reports available, but none show the source ID and source ID is no in the filter list. I dont want to have to create a new custom report for each different ID as that will be too time consuming.

I can see the information I need in BES, but then I can’t extract the information without resorting to a screen capture.

Any help would be welcome.


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Hi Paulc,

The “Source ID” is not a default field, but you add it by going to:

  • Web Reports > Users > Edit (under options next to the user) > Change Default Settings.

Now Fixlet reports will contain the source ID.

If this is good enough for you, then great… if that doesn’t quite meet your needs, let me know.


(imported comment written by paulc91)

That is good for me - thanks for the reply :slight_smile: