Web report or session relevance that shows actual failed action exit code typically Failed -2145124329 ORCVLBDT01

Has anyone created action report for patching that actually shows the true exit code for a failed patch or exit code even if status is pending restart for that patch ?. Most often for windows but any os should be included. Example of code is below. Maybe the answer is session relevance that could pull that code.

so from an action could be baseline or individual patches the results would include all status of the computers per patch and the last reported for the indivdual patch . below is failed but i have seen pending restart with a similar exit code as below.

Action ID Name
00-2020229: MS21-JAN: Security update for Secure Boot DBX - Windows Server 2012 - KB4535680 (x64)

Last Reported exit code computer name
Failed -2145124329 ORCVLBDT01