Web report filtered on a manual group is report automatically updated?

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I have a fairly simple question on how the web reports work. I’ve created a report as well as a manual group in the BES console. I use this manual group as a filter in the report and the report works fine. My question is, when I created that report and filtered on that manual group - is that a point in time snapshot of the manual group? So if the manual group changes the report does not automatically?

I’m running ver 7.0

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You are correct that the Reports are actually just the definitions, but the output.

So every time a report is ran, the results could be different.

A quick note that by default, Web Reports refreshes its cache from the database once in 20 minutes. So be careful that when you run a report, you might get unexpected results if the cache has yet to be refreshed.

In that case, simply go to the “Database” link at the top of the page, and click “Refresh Cache”.

Lee Wei