WARNING: BES Client has local codepage limiting content

How concerned should I be with this warning? We have about 10% of our systems relevant to this, many in our ASIA locations. I’ve read the description and the link provided within, but wasn’t sure if there was any recommend/standard means to correct this or if, for the most part, you can ignore it. My concern is the inability to manage these endpoints if this remains relevant. If however, it is unlikely that common fixlets, analysis, etc will be affect, I just assume not worry too much about correcting it.

So I presume you have a 9.5 server? What versions of the client is running on the platforms in question?

The issue is that the local codepage has some limitations and may be only able to understand ASCII as the codepages are not in common with the codepage of the server.

It could be a simple restart of the client on the endpoint can address the issue, but sometimes on some platforms the default install is only ASCII (AIX can install this way for example)

So it depends on the OS’s in question.

If you are using Windows and the local codepage is different than the server on these endpoints, then this is can be more of an issue as that configuration is on the edge of being supported. Any high bit characters sent to these endpoints may not be understood correctly.

We are running 9.5 Patch 3 on server, relays, and clients. The OS break down is:

Funny that TCL is on there, considering that’s the Relay Template…

So if all your clients are listed here, what ones are showing up as limiting?

Are any of those Windows platforms not in the same codepage?

You can set up a property/analysis of the following to show you more information

(fxf character set of it, report character set of it, local character set of it) of client

Those are the clients showing as limiting (all of them in the picture I attached). Thanks for the Relevance. I’ll see about creating a Property for that to see what they report on.