Want to create a Fixlet to deploy EMC Networker Agent

Hi All,

Can any one help me to create a Fixlet to Deploy the EMC networker agent on windows all versions.

Please find the below manual agent installation steps.

  1. Download the step up from Server (x86, x64)
  2. run the setup and select English (US)
  3. Enter the user name and Organization name
  4. Select Configure the Windows Firewall. An exception for Networker has already been added to the Firewall Exception GPO
    5.Select Client, install to the default location
  5. Click on Install
    7.need to select the Backup servers from the list
    8.If this list needs to be updated at any point:
    • open an elevated command prompt
    • browse to c:\program files\emc networker\nsr\res
    • run ‘notepad servers’
    • Save the file
    9.Untick the Journal Manager box and click Finish

let me know if you need any other info

thanks alot


Does the vendor provide documentation for the silent install of this? Can you provide links to any relevant documentation?

Is the setup file available for download publicly? Can you provide a link to the installer?

What format is the setup installer? InstallShield? NSIS? InnoSetup? MSI?

Look for others online that are able to silently install this software and how they are doing so.

Once you can silently install something, then it is usually fairly easy to adapt that method to BigFix.