EMC SQL Application Client Installation via TEM Console

Hi team,

We want to install the EMC SQL Application client on server via TEM Console. please help us to create Fixlet.

Below are the steps which we follow to install the SQL Application client.

  1. copy the setup from from server
    2.enter the user name and organization name
    3.Accept the agreement
    4.Select ‘Run Systems Configuration Checker and Install Networker Module for Microsoft Applications (Recommended).
    NOte : System Configuration Checker will check what applications are installed on the server, and should select the relevant boxes in the next window
    5.Ensure the correct application is selected ( Microsoft SQL)
    6.Click Next
    7.Ensure Granular Level Recovery (GLR) is deselected
    8.Select Configure the Windows Firewall. An exception for Networker has already been added to the Firewall Exception GPO
    9.Port numbers are to be confirmed by the Backup team, but use defaults for now.( 6728,6729)
  2. Clieck to Install
  3. Reboot the server

thanks a lot in advance


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