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We’re running into an issue where there are desktop devices relevant for an action that opens on Saturday night and remains open for the week, but some devices are in a “Waiting” status and never take the baseline.

There are no time constraints other than the start date and time. The devices meet all other relevance (TRUE) but some devices never process the baseline. The action runs independently of user presence, there are various deadlines but those are hours, not days.

This past “enforcement” was opened last Friday to start Saturday Feb 4,2017 @ 8pm client time. Today is Feb 10, 2017. There are a few hundreds of devices that show a “Completed” status so we know the action works, a number of constraints (we can identify why) and there are a few dozen that are still in a Waiting state.

Other than devices that have checked in and then powered down or disconnected and never processing the action, is there something I can look at to find out WHY these devices are waiting?



The first places I’d check -

  • On some of the clients that are still “Waiting”, in BES console open the computer and check the Action History. Specifically you’re looking for any other actions on that client that are still listed as “Running”. Because only one Action can run at a time on the client, if there is another Action that is in some kind of stuck state, that will prevent subsequent actions from starting.

  • Check the BES Client Logs. On some of the stuck endpoints, check the __BESData\__Global\Logs folder. There will probably be some indication in the logs of what is going on.

  • Also on the client, check whether there are in files in the __Download folder corresponding to the same site as your Waiting action. If a previous action has a lock on the __Download folder or to files in it, the client will not be able to clear the folder for the next action. If that’s the case there should also be a lot of indications on that in the Client Logs. The folder should be at __BESData\<your-site-name>\__Download


I have seen this at a client site, and what JasonWalker describes above was the reason. In their case, they created a Software Package the ran in the background (no user interaction) and nothing showing up on the desktop. Even when they create the package with the proper command switches to run silently, they did not take into consideration that the software was doing a “POP-UP” message to accept the license. Since this was run without connecting the user Desktop, the POP-UP message was “hidden”, and hence the ACTION never finishes and created a LOCK.

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You can also see a “Waiting” state if the action ran and failed, and is now waiting for a retry interval to be reached.

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Thanks All. I appreciate the quick response.

These give me a good place to start (over). :slight_smile:

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