Wait for child processes to finish?

We have a new application we are packaging. Bigfix returns 0 after the main process finishes but that process seems to be spawning child processes.

Is there a way to have waithidden wait until all child processes are finished?

For deeply nested processes, you’d need to get creative. Either add a wait or pause while the children execute or have a small script that loops to check on the status of the children.

I’ve seen this issue frequently with Java-based applications.

Ahh. But nothing native? I could do a wait while running process of msiexec, but my thought is that may never finish.

When you use ‘wait’ to execute in actionscript, it does wait for the parent process that is being launched, but doesn’t natively track the children unfortunately.

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Which application you are packing that behaves this way?

It’s an Avaya Product. I added a pause while {exists running application “msiexec.exe”} and it resolved the problem.

It adds about 30 more seconds to the action run time but now I have no failures which is more what I am concerned about.

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I just want to chime in that i have used the same exist while running msiexec trick for a while and it works for a lot of weird different problems. Specially if installing
an application and then running subsequent installers to install addon packages.

For me it can sometime also add 30 minutes(yes minutes!) but no more failures for me either.