VMWare Thinapp support for BigFix similar to App-V


Would like to know if BigFix has an provision to support VMware Thinapp packages similar to App-V packages. We have been able to install ThinApp packages as if they were non-virtualized packages.

Any feedback will be much appreciated.


How do you “manually” deploy a VMware Thinapp package?

I’ve never used ThinApp, but from the information on the VMware ThinApp web site, it sounds like you simply need to distribute a stand-alone EXE file to your intended target machine. If that is the case, it sounds like all you need to do is write a Fixlet to download the intended EXE from a repository on your network, and drop it into a folder on the Endpoint, creating an Icon pointing to the EXE.

Does that sound about right to you?

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Thanks for getting back. And exactly that’s what we do as of today. However, what I would like to understand if there is a similar support available as that of App-V packages.

What support of App-V packages are you referring to?

I fail to understand what functionality you are missing. I also don’t really know of any specific support for App-V packages.

Can you provide much much more background info into what you are trying to achieve? You aren’t giving us much to go on.

OK then… quoting from the IBM documentation. I wasnt aware that I would have to break it down so much :slight_smile:

Microsoft Application Virtualization

Software Distribution supports the distribution and management of Microsoft Application Virtualization
(App-V) packages without the need for a separate Microsoft System Center App-V Management Server
for streaming and metering. The Microsoft App-V Sequencer creates a virtualized application that can be
distributed by using Software Distribution.

Deploy App-V Packages

A complete App-V package includes the following files:
 An .sft file, which contains the data of the sequenced application
 An .osd file for each application in the App-V package
 A manifest.xml file, which contains information about the entire App-V package
 Icon files used to display the application on the endpoint
If these files are packaged together, the Software Distribution dashboard generates a default installation
command to deploy the App-V package to the endpoint in stand-alone mode (without streaming servers)
to endpoints with the App-V client installed.
The App-V Sequencer might also generate an MSI file. This file can be used to deploy and install the
package with the Software Distribution Dashboard if the following conditions are met:
 The MSI is accompanied by all other files in the App-V package, as described above.
 The App-V client is already installed on the endpoint.
 The App-V client has the “AllowIndependentFileStreaming” setting enabled.
 If App-V runs in a stand-alone configuration (no streaming server), the App-V client has
the “RequireAuthorizationIfCached” setting set to 0. Otherwise, the application installs,
but fails when the App-V client fails to contact the streaming server.

I would specifically like to understand how is BigFix setup to support ThinApp packages beyond pure distribution of .exe files.

Hope this is now clarified.