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I know with shvlik, there is a VMware Plugin that will allow you to update powered off VMs as well as templates. Does bigfix/TEPM have this functionality as well, or is it in the works?

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+1 for this capability!

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I second this!

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I think Shavlik basically powers on the computer and patches, correct? (Because there isn’t a safe way to apply a patch to a computer that is powered off)…

So couldn’t you just make a policy action applied to your VMs with a restart at the end and then power on all your VMs?


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The thing that is great with Shavlik (dare I say), is you can update VMware TEMPLATES. Something that is a PITA typically with the agent approach.

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Hi all,

We’ll be having a design review session on Friday around a new approach to patching offline machines, and more generally around how TEM might be used to help manage your virtual infrastructure. We’ll be holding this at 9am pacific time. If you’re interested, please sign up for our customer program, and you’ll get an invite.


Information on customer program