VM ware configuration issue in ILMT console

Hello All,

I have 5 VSphere client of same domain which need to be configured in ILMT console,In which 3 VSphere client I was able to configured using service account in ILMT but when I’m using same service account to configure rest 2 Vsphere client ,I am getting operating status as failed.
Further troubleshooting I tried to access web based url for all VSphere client using http://fqdn/mob in which I was able to login in 3 VSphere client whereas for 2 affected Vsphere client credentail is not working.
So,Now I want to understand what can be difference b/w the servers where I am able to login and where service account credential is not working.
Need help in understanding the issue and how I can remediate the issue.

Thanks in advance!!

I don’t know much about this.

Are you trying to tie vsphere as a datasource to ILMT directly?

Can you provide links to related documentation and screenshots with the FQDN’s redacted?

Below is the link for configuring VM Manager in ILMT console:-

Yes I am trying to configure Vsphere Client in ILMT console so, that it can bring virtual machine and host details.
Please see the attach screenshot

I am using same service account on both the servers.
So, Now I want to understand what can be difference b/w the servers where I am able to login (Operation Status as OK) and where service account credential is not working (Operation Status as Failed).

Note:- Both the servers are accessible.

Hi Manish,

First you need to solve the logging issue. All 5 vsphere credentials shall work. Until that point it is not a BFI case.


Yes I completely agree but my concern here is what can be reason for the credential not working on two servers because using same credential I’m able to connect to other 3 VM.

Hi Manish,

That would be the case for VMware support.


You should first try to manually connect to the vsphere server using the service account credentials, and get that working before you try to do it in Bigfix. There are many settings involved in creating the account and assigning logon permissions, all in VCenter or VSphere, before trying to use it.

Thanks all for your input.
I got link which I think is really helpful in troubleshooting the issue and is such similar to your response

Once the testing and issue is resolved, will post the solution.

You can also check the VM Manager Tool logs for any additional error messages that might help diagnose the issue.


C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\LMT\VMMAN\logs



I believe that the VMware SDK URL for Vsphere connections in BFI/ILMT is different between versions. The following text is from the “VM Managers” page within the BFI UI.

URL Template:
For versions lower than 5.5: https://virtualcenter/sdk
For version 5.5 and higher: https://virtualcenter/sdk/vimService.wsdl

Hope that helps.


Thanks ,I am aware about it.i’m working with concern team to get it resolved