Vista SP1/2 Installation Not Complete

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This may not be the best subforum for this, but I wasn’t quite sure where to put it.

We recently took on a new client and have started updating their computers from Vista RTM to Vista SP2. In the process, one machine has begun showing the “UPDATE: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Available - Installation Not Complete” fixlet as applicable, and another machine has begun showing the same for SP2. The Description says "The listed computers have not yet complete the Vista Service Pack


Installation. Although actions deployed through Fixlet Message


may have reported back as failed, please wait for this fixlet to become non-relevant, at which point the Service Pack installation will have completed.

Both computers in question are reporting their OS as the pre-update version (WinVista 6.0.6000/6001 respectively), but the relevant Service Pack action for each is reporting back is “Fixed”. They’ve been waiting for a while (weeks) and the “Installation Not Complete” fixlets are still reporting as relevant.

So, what do we do? Should we just go to each machine and install the proper SP from the Microsoft installer? Or otherwise?

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Hey mvm-upenn,

It sounds like part of the install worked, but some part of it might not have completed properly… If you look at the computer manually, does it think it is at SP2?


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Ben, the computers think they’re the non-updated versions (e.g. computers with SP1 not complete are showing as RTM, those with SP2 not complete are showing as SP1).

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Sounds like the computers have a problematic install… You might want to try running the update manually on one of the computers and see if it has an error…