Virus Detection Historical reporting

(imported topic written by fergusop)


Can anyone tell me about the data being gathered in TEM for Virus Detections under the Endpoint Protectoin domain and how it can be structured for historical reporting (previous month activity).

Here is what I am trying to do:

Pull a report that lists the following information for a specified date range, typically the previous month with the following details:

Detected virus/malware name

Time of Detection

Computer name

Detected file

Detected file path

scan type

result (cleaned, deleted, quarantine…)

I am aware of the Threat Detection report available in TEM that lists all this information under the Virus Detections Tab, exactly as I listed however this report does not print in a readable fashion or export to a PDF like other reports do. When you use the print feature of the report, all the columns shrink to fit on the page and nothing is readable. I’ve printed in landscape and the issue gets a little better but not nearly what I need. The other option I tried is to find a similar report in WebReports that would display the data in a similar fashion but I was not able to find anything that remotely resembled the data I needed or the detail that the TEM Threat Detection report provided. The property that seemed to give the closest result was the “Detected Viruses (Core Protection Module - Virus/Malware Information)” but that provided all the data on one column and did not specify the Scan Type or result and the data had to be manually split into different columns.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!